shake-weight-for-men-reviewShake weight will dramatically increases muscles just 6 minutes a day and get results instantly read Shake Weight For Men Review. Following are the benefits & features:

• No batteries or motor just shake and get result.
• Shake Weight will dramatically increases muscles.
• Every minute muscles contract up to 240 times.
• Build definition, size & strength fast and easily.
• Work Chest, Biceps, Triceps & Shoulders.
• Weighs only 5 lbs.
• Just 6 minutes a day and get result.
• Shake weight will gives results instantly.
• 100% Money back guarantee



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Shake Weight for Men Review

Today I have personally written Shake Weight for Men Review The Shake Weight for Men is an internationally recognized and successful fitness product in the health industry. You might have seen the Shake Weight for Men infomercial on TV, or on online websites.

The product has been hyped with many benefits and points of uniqueness which sets it apart from other fitness equipment. There are also many testimonials and reviews about the product which has drawn some debates about whether the benefits and success stories are true.

This Shake Weight for Men Review will explore and draw a conclusion on the many factors of the Shake Weight which makes it so popular and sought out.

What is it & How to Use It ?

The Shake Weight for Men is basically a modified dumbbell. Instead of lifting the weight up and down or side to side, the Shake Weight for Men is used by gripping one or two hands tight on the dumbbell and then shaking it back and forth very quickly.

How Does it work?

The Shake Weight for Men has weights on both ends of the dumbbell with a spring mechanism in the middle. This generates a powerful, revolutionary concept called Dynamic Inertia. Dynamic Inertia makes full use of the muscles in the biceps, triceps, forearms, shoulders and chest through the spring loaded mechanism which bounces the weight back and forth. This is also what makes it unique.

The vibrations from shaking the Shake Weight send waves of contractions to all of these muscle groups, and hence work the muscles much faster than a regular dumbbell.  The rapid movement causes the muscles to work up to 240 contractions per minute, making it 7 times more effective than a regular dumbbell. It is this factor which makes the Shake Weight for Men so apparently beneficial and effective to the upper body.

Scientific Proof

There has actually been scientific proof that the Shake Weight for Men does outperform a dumbbell. A study conducted by a Californian fitness simulation company revealed that the Shake Weight for Men did actually outperform the regular dumbbell in terms of energy consumption, working muscle force and other factors. It concluded that 6 minutes with the Shake Weight was the equivalent to 42 minutes with a regular dumbbell.

The results of the study, however, didn’t actually state that the person using the Shake Weight will gain large amounts of muscle. You have to consider the diet and the amount of time the person works out, too. Be dedicated to your diet and workout sessions, and the Shake Weight can definitely help you to achieve your goals!


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Testimonials & User Reviews

shake-weight-money-back-guaranteeThere have been people have benefited from it, gaining lots of definition and strength to their upper bodies for those who tried it, recommending it to their friends. According to testimonials and reviews around the internet, people have been toning and defining their upper body, which is a clear indicator of a successful product.

“I bought the Shake Weight 2.5 weeks ago, the first week I used it for 3 minutes a day and into the end of the second week I am up to 6 minutes every day. I have to say, I now see muscles on my arms and have more strength for other exercises. Wow, I didn’t expect to see those kind of results in just a few weeks! “
– Tom

“I received the Shake Weight for Men as a gift. I thought it’d be a joke. When I tried the Shake Weight, I must admit, I could feel it activating muscles and feel it does work. I keep it in my car most times and use it in my spare time. I recommend it, especially for someone who’s looking to get arms toned but may not be able to do other things or just don’t want to. And for the price, it’s the best thing out there in my opinion.”
– Jeremy

“Yes, it really does work. I’m in my 50s and did not like my arms especially my elbows. Even though my weight is normal, my arms were not very toned and I had loose skin around my elbows. I’ve been using the Shake Weight every day for about 5 weeks and see a huge difference. I now don’t mind wearing a sleeveless top, my arms look more toned and the fatty skin at my elbows is gone.”
– Lori

Other Additional Factors

• Free $15 value workout DVD included with the Shake Weight for Men, instructing you on the correct grips and techniques when you use the Shake Weight.

• The Shake Weight for Men has no electronics devices in it and does not need electricity for it to run. You just grip and shake!

• Weighing only 5 lbs (or 2.2kg), the Shake Weight for Men is portable, while packing a lot of workout activity. Some may think the weight of the Shake Weight may not prove to be effective, but the ‘faster you shake, the more intense and challenging your workout’ will be.

• FULL refund – money back guarantee, where they actually pay for the return shipping if you think it’s not for you and chose to return it. This is a great reason to just simply try the Shake Weight for Men, with their guaranteed offer to FULLY refund the product.


As you can tell, the Shake Weight for Men can be a beneficial fitness product, having many users recommend it to friends and achieve results themselves. The new, scientifically supported utilization of Dynamic Inertia can indeed provide you with muscle tone and definition.

As for muscle gain, you must remember to consider the other important aspects of dieting, intensity and the frequency of working out. It isn’t recommended that you stop all traditional workouts when using the Shake Weight for Men, but rather incorporate the Shake Weight into the daily or weekly exercise routines. Also, make sure you are consistently working out!

So, coming with an affordable price with a full refund policy, you really have nothing to lose, with lots to gain. The price and policy is a nice invitation for you to try the Shake Weight for Men with minimal regret. I hope that you got this Shake Weight for Men Review helpful , If you would like to try shake weight then visit its official website.

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